“A King’s Mercy” — Flash Fiction Friday

The new King Herez sat before the justicars.  “Have you no mercy?” the prisoner asked—Herez’s mortal enemy. A pitiful shadow of a man.  The King replied, “Even the gods’ mercy is finite. Only the mercy of fools is limitless. I strive for divinity. The penalty is death!” If you like the vibe of these stories, […]

“Buried in the Waves” —Flash Fiction Friday

“Look out there,” Bast said, pulling his boy close. Dentin squinted. “All I see is waves.” “Do you see fish? Pearls? Monsters?” “No.” “Men are like the waves. Hide our feelings beneath the surface.” “Like you?” “Yes.” “When I grow—” “No. Remember the clear shoals? Don’t hide. Talk to me.” If you like the vibe […]

Gilded Glass — A Fairy Tale Anthology

A while back I posted that writing and publishing are wars of attrition. Keep writing and learning, and you will get better. Keep plugging away at your novel and one day you will finish it. Keep submitting stories to magazines and eventually you will get published. Keep writing and publishing books, and eventually you will […]

Housekeeping & Upcoming Publications

I just realized that I haven’t posted on here in a month. *Cue some platitude/witticism about time getting away from us* I’m still here. Still writing. Still publishing stuff in the Eluthiya dark fantasy universe. Did I mention that? My dark fantasy universe consisting (at the moment) of A Battleaxe and a Metal Arm, Tales […]