The End of A Battleaxe and a Metal Arm

After 20 episodes (4 “books”), the epic, D&D-inspired, progression fantasy serial, A Battleaxe and a Metal Arm, is coming to an end this Friday, November 11th. A sorceress and a barbarian are trapped in a mad wizard’s prison. They travel through the countless, impossible realms of this prison world, looking for a means to get […]

“Highwaymen and worse” — Flash Fiction Friday

“Woah,” the rider said, pulling alongside the carriage, aiming a blunderbuss. The driver took the highwayman’s meaning and slowed.  “You don’t know. You don’t know…” “What’s that?” the rider asked. More men came from behind. He peeked into the carriage.  Behind the curtain, a sultry face and long fangs stared back. If you like the […]