List of Published Work

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Eluthiya — Dark Fantasy Universe (Ongoing)

The Sword of the Gray Queen (August 2022 to present)

A Battleaxe and a Metal Arm — 5 Episode Bundles

A Battleaxe and a Metal Arm — Monthly Serial Releases (COMPLETE)

Tales from Another World (2020 to present)

Horror — Standalone

The Woman in the Chimney

Science Fiction — Standalone

Amber in the Real World (2021)

The Augmented Chronicles (2012, Out of Publication)

A Soldier’s Absolution — A Reimagining of Dante’s Divine Comedy (Complete)

Descent into Hell (2021)

Across Purgatory (2021)

Unto Heaven (2022)

Short Stories — Standalone

The Secret of Milton Boska (2020)

Discovery on Planet 44 (2020)

D3H Repurposed (2020)

Reclaiming Near and Dear stories (2020, Out of Publication)

Anthology Appearances

Gilded Glass: Twisted Myths and Shattered Fairy Tales (2022, Wordfire Press) — “Memories Upon the Emerald Sea”