Standalone Sci-Fi

Amber in the Real World

Depressed. Paranoid. Delusional—that’s what the doctors say.

Amber knows it’s not her. Something’s wrong with the world. She’s known it her whole life, but no one believes her.

How far would you go to know the truth?

Short Stories

The Secret of Milton Boska (2020)

You would think that Milton Boska’s biggest secret was the legacy of his family’s criminal empire…  You would be wrong. Find out what he’s hiding on an unmarked asteroid, deep within a freezing containment facility.

Find out what terrifies Milton Boska. 

Discovery on Planet 44 (2020)

At first glance it’s a barren, empty planet, but the scans are promising. It’s the best lead humanity has found in three hundred years.  

Find out why we might not want to find alien life after all…

D3H Repurposed (2020)

The first of the Death Droids are retiring. Will D3H’s cutting-edge systems be enough to handle civilian life?

How do you choose which memories to keep?