Eluthiya — Dark Fantasy Universe

This is the hub for the Eluthiya Universe, consisting of 3 series: Tales from Another World, A Battleaxe and a Metal Arm, and The Sword of the Gray Queen.

Eluthiya — The gate to the realm of dreams (BAMA #15)

A Battleaxe and a Metal Arm — Helesys, Taunauk, and Shawn are trapped in a prison of strange realms and searching for a way to escape. Their journey will take them through a flooded temple, haunted forest, to the top of a wizard’s tower, and across progressively stranger and more impossible realms. “Death is not the end!”

Tales from Another World — An ongoing short story collection set in the Eluthiya Universe. Stories span the globe and feature strange monsters, family curses, evil liches, and even more! There are several recurring characters, including the vile lich Sircius Everdeath, who nearly destroyed the world!

The Sword of the Gray Queen — Kevril Bersk—Monster hunter. Former knight of the Church… Left to follow a higher calling: To become the weapon of a goddess. Follow Bersk across the globe as he hunts monsters and uncovers a world-shaking plot the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Everdeath’s fall!