Mod Superhero — April Update

March was intense, and it is now officially over! Each day in March, Mod Superhero released twice a day. It’s eaten into my backlog, but I still have plenty of cushion left over for the foreseeable future. Royal Road and ScribbleHub are officially up to Chapter 1.1.47 and nearing the end of the first Book/Part […]

New Series — Mod Superhero

My story ideas tend to come in two flavors: Short stories and long series. I don’t usually have too many in the middle. My big announcement is a new series for 2023. It’s a Sci-fi Superhero story, tiled Mod Superhero. “Cyborg and Ironman mashed up with Batman Beyond.” For those of you who know about […]

Updates and Changes

When I moved to do updates every other month, it never actually occurred to me that time would fly by. It’s been right around three months and the time has absolutely flown by. In the future, I’ll try not to go so long without an update. But don’t worry, I’ve been writing. The third novella […]