Tales from Another World

The ongoing dark fantasy short story collection set in the Eluthiya Universe. Four Volumes and counting! Most are standalone stories, but there are some recurring characters including the vile lich Sircius Everdeath, on his way to take over the known world!

Volume 1 contains the following stories:

The Final Ritual of Sircius Everdeath

Under the Waters of Digsonee Strait

On the Crimes of Hexing and Bewitchment

A Final Plea upon Still Waters

The Crypt of St. Lillian

The Blessing of the Autumn Herald

City of Embers

Volume 2 contains the following stories:

The Ballad of Bellasandra Liesl

The Curse of the Bright Birds

A Barbarian’s Goodbye

Making a Dagger for the Sellswords

The Curse upon Clayman Brook

Lord’s Day in the Court of Xaston

The Tailor and the Grimoire

Volume 3 contains the following stories:

Thieves in Burning Bartalay

The Smile of a Stranger

The Faceless Man

The Priest and the Sailor

Avatar of the Dead

Autumn is the Child of Winter and Summer

Volume 4 contains the following stories:

Vulgar Display of Power

To Walk in Dreams

The Lightning Nymph

Hanging Lanterns

Guardians of the Forest

The Hedge Maze of Greensnow Manor

Volume 5 contains the following stories:

Softly Falling Dread

An Ode to Bellasandra Liesl

The Life of a Made-Thing

Two Worlds Become One

None the World’s a Stage

The Disappearing Man

Stay tuned for Volume 6!