The Sword of the Gray Queen

Kevril Bersk—Monster hunter. Former knight of the Church… Left to follow a higher calling: To become the weapon of a goddess.

Tamren Jorbough—Partner, bard extraordinaire, womanizer…

Archimedes—Raven, psychopomp, secret weapon…

Follow Bersk across the globe as he hunts monsters and uncovers a world-shaking plot the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Sircius Everdeath’s fall! Again, the world is on the brink of catastrophe, and Bersk will find that there are far worse things to come than the monsters he slays.

Book 1: Hunter of the Brilgura

Tragedy has struck the village of Keld. A young boy taken in the dead of night. 

The town is split, and they’ve got the wrong culprit. They’re afraid. Desperate.

To save the innocent, Bersk and his allies must brave the swamp, and find the horrid truth within—

There are two monsters: The demon and the one feeding it.

Book 2: Hive of the Formicae (Coming October 2022)

A military encampment has stumbled on a gigantic insect hive. They’re equipped to deal with men—not with monsters. The brass is content to wait for reinforcements, but when soldiers turn up dead in the middle of camp, they call in a monster hunter. 

Kevril Bersk is ready to help—for coin—but he’ll soon be reminded why men can be just as dangerous as monsters.

Book 3: Scourge of the Son (Coming February 2023)

The hive was just the beginning. From the buried altar sprang a force that hasn’t walked the realm in millennia.

Now an elder demon is on the way to the city of Arkcaster.

And Santa Anna has returned for interrogation.

Can Bersk track down a demon that could herald the end of the realm? What was Santa Anna searching for in the Frozen Isles, and could it have been important enough to go against her own Church?