Mod Superhero

Cyborg and Ironman mashed up with Batman Beyond.

Superhero Sci-fi Progression Fantasy

“What…what happened? Oh man—Have I been isekai’d?”

“I don’t know what that means, but you’re a cyborg now.”

Belport is a bustling metropolis patrolled by heroes. They soar over skyscrapers, patrol the streets, work for the government and the military… They might even work alongside you. 

Emmett is a superhero fanboy and a budding researcher for an eccentric inventor. It’s a glorified unpaid internship, but Emmett doesn’t mind. Right now, he’s just enjoying being a college student. But when Emmett gets a little too close to the action between a powerful hero and even stronger villain, he becomes collateral damage. 

Instead of dying, he wakes up a cyborg. Turns out his boss wasn’t just an eccentric inventor, and the old man just gave him a shining opportunity to be a hero. 

When power is just an upgrade away, how much humanity will he hold onto and how much will he trade to get stronger? 

How far will Emmett climb in the rankings? Will he settle for patrolling his neighborhood block or will he stand beside world-shaking supers? …How awkward will it be to meet his heroes? 

Superhero Sci-fi Progression Fantasy

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Releasing twice a day in March. After that, chapters are released MON, TUE, WED, THUR at 9am (GMT -5), each being roughly 1.5—2.5k words.