A Battleaxe and a Metal Arm

A year of and a half of monthly releases and counting!

A sorceress with a metal arm and a barbarian with a battleaxe journeying across impossible, changing realms.

Helesys is cunning, driven—and trapped.
Her only ally is a towering barbarian who’s as cold as his blade.
Together, they’ll have to survive impossible realms and find their memories in the process.
As her powers come back, Helesys feels confident that the two of them will make it out or die trying… But even death might not be an escape.

Come for the adventure. Stay for the mystery. Escape the dungeon. Find yourself.

If you like gritty fantasy, awe-inspiring realms, larger-than-life characters, vicious monsters and eldritch horrors—then you’re in the right place.

Get a new adventure—every single month. Each episode is approximately 16,000 words long (though some may be slightly shorter or run longer).

Want to know more about the series? Check out this blog post.

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A Year and a half of Releases and Counting!