A Soldier’s Absolution — Series Page

A soldier’s descent into Hell, journey across Purgatory, and his ascent into Heaven—the epic trilogy of Dante’s Divine Comedy reimagined for a modern age. 

Follow Lieutenant Hector Ramirez through the horrors, the tribulations, and the tests. What will happen to the soldier when he’s shaken to his core? What will happen to his faith?

Written in modern prose, so you won’t need an annotated version!

Descent into Hell (2021)

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Not much scares an Omega soldier.

But what will they do when their own sins are used against them?

Do you know what your sin is?

Across Purgatory (2021)

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People say they’ve been through Hell—not like Lieutenant Hector Ramirez. 

Can Ramirez come to terms with the horrors and revelations he faced in Hell? 

What tests await on the mountain of Purgatory?

Unto Heaven (2022)

The conclusion to the Epic Trilogy!

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Ramirez has climbed the mountain of Purgatory and passed all the tests, but his faith has been shaken to the core. 

Now, the weary soldier must journey across the cosmos, leaving Virgil, the Earth, and Tracey and Anna behind. 

He has to finish this quest if there’s any hope of making it back home. He has to see it through to the end—whatever that might mean for his life and his faith.