Mod Superhero — April Update

March was intense, and it is now officially over!

Each day in March, Mod Superhero released twice a day. It’s eaten into my backlog, but I still have plenty of cushion left over for the foreseeable future.

Royal Road and ScribbleHub are officially up to Chapter 1.1.47 and nearing the end of the first Book/Part of Emmett’s Origin arc. Patreon is officially 15 chapters ahead of that, and sitting at Chapter 1.2.9! That’s right, they’re officially on Part 2/Book 2 of Emmett’s Origin. If enough people are interested, I’m prepared to increase that early access number as high as 50 chapters.

Mod Superhero is climbing up the ranks on both RR and SH. We’ve even got a couple people in the Discord group and in the Patreon. Not bad for a new release!

Going forward, Mod Superhero will release MON, TUES, WED, and THU around 9am Eastern (GMT -5). If you haven’t already checked it out, you should. Emmett’s Origin is full of secrets and twists that will keep you guessing!

As always, thanks for following and reading.

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