New Series — Mod Superhero

My story ideas tend to come in two flavors: Short stories and long series. I don’t usually have too many in the middle.

My big announcement is a new series for 2023. It’s a Sci-fi Superhero story, tiled Mod Superhero.

“Cyborg and Ironman mashed up with Batman Beyond.”

For those of you who know about the growing genre of Progression Fantasy, Mod Superhero will focus heavily on Emmett as he modifies himself, grows stronger, and climbs through the rankings. 

When strength is just an upgrade away, how much humanity will Emmett hold onto and how much will he trade for power? 

I’m super excited for the series, and I hope to pay tribute to one of my earliest obsessions—superheroes.  

Follow the story as I write it on RoyalRoad and ScribbleHub, and read ahead on Patreon.

Connect on Discord

Releasing twice a day in March. After that, chapters are released MON, TUE, WED, THUR at 9am (GMT -5), each being roughly 1.5—2.5k words. 

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