Updates and Changes

When I moved to do updates every other month, it never actually occurred to me that time would fly by. It’s been right around three months and the time has absolutely flown by. In the future, I’ll try not to go so long without an update.

But don’t worry, I’ve been writing.

The third novella in The Sword of the Gray Queen comes out March 17th. And it’s bittersweet.

It marks the first time I’ll be ending a story on a “happily for now” instead of “happily ever after”.

For some backstory, when I first started publishing again in the winter of 2019, my goal was to eventually write full-time. It’s no easy task, but with a little luck, constant output, and a sizeable backlist, it’s more achievable now than any other point in the past.

Fast forward to early 2020… COVID. For a while, my department was on hiatus, and I was able to write at a part-time pace instead of squeezing in writing in the mornings before work or on the weekends. During that time I doubled down, hoping against all odds that I would get enough momentum to continue working part-time and writing even more.

I was hoping the Eluthiya dark fantasy universe would make a splash. So far, it hasn’t.

If you’ve read and enjoyed any stories in The Sword of the Gray Queen, A Battleaxe and a Metal Arm, or Tales from Another World… Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It’s been truly awesome to share my stories with you few that have read them. One day I would love to finish out all the ideas I had for SotGQ and TFAW, but as of March 17th, the current arcs will be tied up and things will be left on a “happily for now.”

I’m not writing this for a pity party, I just want to be honest. At the end of the day, I want writing to be my job. And right now, the Eluthiya stories can’t support it.

Basically, it’s either try something else or go back to work full-time…

Which brings me to my second update, which is that I’ve been writing something new. Another genre that’s new and dear to my heart. It’s actually the first genre I ever wrote…

I just hope you guys aren’t tired of superheroes yet.

Jokes aside, I’ll have another announcement in the next month or two about the release. And this time, I’m trying something a little different with the release.

Stay tuned!

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