This is what happens when I have extra time!

So, I wrote a horror novella. I missed my goal of having it ready for Halloween, but it’s out before the end of the year!

The Woman in the Chimney releases December 2nd.

Horror was one of my first loves. My early childhood was during the rise of Goosebumps, and my mom was an avid Stephen King and Dean Koontz fan. So as soon as I was old enough, I started reading the masters, and promptly getting my pants scared off.

Maybe I enjoyed writing the dark parts of dark fantasy too much…

Anyway, here’s the description for The Woman in the Chimney!

“She’s not a ghost. She’s not human…
I don’t think she ever was.”

Michael lives by himself in his old childhood house. He gets along alright enough, holding down a job as an electrician’s helper. One could say he’s down on his luck or that he’s disillusioned. Borderline alcoholic. Not quite a deadbeat.

Dating is hard, and he’s definitely lonely.

So when he starts having dreams about a quiet, dark-haired young lady, it isn’t so bad. At first.
But she keeps coming back…
A little more twisted each time.

Michael’s sanity was already stretched thin before, but he starts to worry that the woman in the chimney isn’t just a dream.

He’s let something horrible in
And it won’t let go.

She’ll be crawling down a chimney near you on December 2nd…

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