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The new monthly serial adventure.

A sorceress with a metal arm and a barbarian with a battleaxe stuck in an endless, changing dungeon.  Come for the action.  Stay for the mystery. 

Wake up. Kill stuff. Die. Repeat.

Is a year too long to wait for that next doorstopper fantasy novel?  Is your Dungeons and Dragons game on hiatus?  How about an afternoon of Sword and Sorcery to quench your bloodlust?

Get a new story—get your fix—every single month.

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Death without Direction (April 2021)

Episode 1:  A flooded temple, a rusted prison and lots of bloodthirsty fishmen.  What secrets and hidden dangers lie in the dark, frigid waters? 

Death is not the end…

Kneel Before Zhug (May 2021)

Episode 2: Something invisible stalks our heroes as they creep and fight their way through the barracks. The halls are overrun by goblins and they answer only to their god, Zhug. 

Can Helesys and Taunauk avoid the dangers and the wrath of an angry god?

Over the Infinite Wall (June 2021)

Episode 3: This time the pair find themselves outside the dungeon for the first time. Standing beneath towering trees and a starry night sky.  The infinite wall looms in the distance and with it, the promise of freedom.  

Can Helesys and Taunauk survive the ancient forest? Can they scale the infinite wall?

The Buried Hive (July 2021)

Episode 4: Their journey takes them deep beneath the dungeon and through the giant borehole. Deeper still, into the insect-filled catacombs. If they’re to survive, the pair will have to rely on each other and on the fonts of power that lie within them.  

What creatures and dangers lurk in the depths beneath the dungeon? What lies beneath the hive?

The Wizard’s Tower (August 2021)

Episode 5: The endless hallway leads upwards for the first time. Our heroes climb the massive staircase, on a treacherous path toward one of the spires—the wizard’s tower!

But they will find that the heights of the dungeon are even more perilous than the depths.

What traps and dangers await them? What horrors will the wizard conjure against them?

Cannibal Dining Room (September 2021)

Episode 6: Even after finding the truth about the dungeon, there seems to be no end in sight for our heroes. Their journey brings them to a fog laden jungle filled with cannibals, monsters, and lingering deaths…

Helesys and Taunauk will learn that in spite of their singular purpose, their journey is affecting the realms in ways they cannot imagine.

And never has it been more apparent than with the changes they bring to the cannibal’s realm.

Ill-Fated Voyage (October 2021)

Episode 7: The heroes’ journey takes them across the barren dunes of an endless beach. Trapped creatures and bottled monsters lurk beneath the sand and beneath the waves. In their travels they come upon a ship ready to press out into the dangerous, uncharted waters.

The captain and the crew are weary but strong, and ready to sail with their newfound comrades.  The heroes and the crew will need each other if they’re to make it across the sea and answer the question:

What lies at the edge of the realm?

Path of the Forgotten (November 2021)

Episode 8: Their journey takes them to a sprawling cavern lit with ghostly vegetation and their trail leads to the ruins of a long lost civilization. A city raised in the honor of the titanic serpent, Shéslang. Helesys’s gauntlet can open the stone doors and she’ll stop at nothing for answers… but what fate awaits them on the other side?

What has become of the City of Shéslang?

Ghost in the Wheelhouse (December 2021)

Episode 9: The heroes journey to a barren realm of night and endless storms, and then underground to a lair of metal and stone. They seek One-Mind, a being that can unlock the mysteries of Helesys’s wand-arm and teach the heroes how to more easily walk the seams between realms. But of all the creatures and civilizations they’ve come across, none has remade a realm in such a way.

One-Mind holds the promise of untold power, but the way through its lair is fraught with even greater danger. 

False Stars and Writhing Night (January 2022)

Episode 10: For the first time, Helesys sees the true breadth of the seams and their journey to the Godpeak is intercepted. They have caught the wandering eye of not just the Wolf-King, but other strange creatures that lord over their own realms. The heroes wake in a warped and twisted hall–a trap set by a being far more powerful and alien than they can comprehend.

Will they escape? What twisted fate and lingering deaths await them aboard the living ship?

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