So You Want to Write a Story (Part 1)

What makes a story?   I propose that you can boil it all down to a couple things:  Character, setting, conflict, scenes/action.   A story is nothing more than a Character in a Setting.  Conflict arises because that Character wants something that they don’t have (yet).  Each Scene of your story has Action of some kind (be […]

Leaving Kindle Unlimited and Going Wide

Blog posts are like books.  The initial idea usually requires a great deal of effort to condense and refine down—in this case, a little under 1,000 words.  Initial Idea that spawned this post:  I am pulling my books out of Kindle Unlimited and publishing them “wide”.   Smidge of background for non-publishing savvy:  Amazon has a […]

Originality vs Genre Expectations

Those of you in the writing and publishing community might have heard the phrase “Writing to Market.”  If you’re heard the phrase, you’re probably having one or two reactions:  Either you think it’s super smart or you think it’s selling out.  Most of the time, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of nuance to […]