“A King’s Mercy” — Flash Fiction Friday

The new King Herez sat before the justicars.  “Have you no mercy?” the prisoner asked—Herez’s mortal enemy. A pitiful shadow of a man.  The King replied, “Even the gods’ mercy is finite. Only the mercy of fools is limitless. I strive for divinity. The penalty is death!” If you like the vibe of these stories, […]

“Buried in the Waves” —Flash Fiction Friday

“Look out there,” Bast said, pulling his boy close. Dentin squinted. “All I see is waves.” “Do you see fish? Pearls? Monsters?” “No.” “Men are like the waves. Hide our feelings beneath the surface.” “Like you?” “Yes.” “When I grow—” “No. Remember the clear shoals? Don’t hide. Talk to me.” If you like the vibe […]

“Haunted by Beggars” — Flash Fiction Friday

“You seen her before?” John asked, picking his teeth. I looked upon the haggard performer in the market and found I could not look away. “Maybe, but begs the question, from where?” “Ain’t been on this side of the world. Maybe she’s a ghost.” “Ghosts don’t follow people.” This is the first post of a […]