It’s Okay to Suck

The internet is many things. Today I want to look at it through the lens of a creative artist. I am a writer, but this blog post could easily apply to any artist, craftsman, musician, or performer. The internet has given us access to so much information on how to improve our crafts. It opens […]

Writing is Hard, Lonely Work

I’ve spent the better part of the decade reading all the craft books I can. I don’t know everything there is to know about writing, I don’t think anyone really does. Writing (and art, in general) is too personal for that, too dependent on the individual.  But I’ve gotten to a point where most “writing […]

The Growing Chasm of Time

Life is filled with small revelations.  I say small, because the truly grand, life changing ones are almost never experienced or digested in a single afternoon. The truly big revelations are always composed of several smaller ones.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about time. I’ve always liked the metaphor of time as a river. […]

Finding Inspiration, Part 2

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” –Jack London I think a lot of writers start out with the image of themselves as tortured artists, slaving away at the keyboard or waiting for inspiration to strike.  They write infrequently, if ever, and have more manuscripts half-finished on their […]

Finding Inspiration, Part 1

Like all things in life, there is both a short answer and a longer answer to the question of “Where do authors find their inspiration?” Short answer:  Everywhere. Slightly longer answer:  Everywhere, but you need to be open and receptive to it. The rest of the answer:  Inspiration can come from anywhere but it often […]

What makes a Writer? Part 1

Everyone writes, but not everyone calls themselves a writer.  We all wrote papers in high school and college.  We write Emails and text messages and social media posts.  Some of us even write for a living (copywriting, technical writing, social media).  They are certainly writers, aren’t they? Let’s narrow down the question:  What makes someone […]