The Fallacy of Perfection

There are a couple hard truths about writing, and I suppose with the creative arts in general.  Depending on how you define it, Perfection is either unattainable or it does not exist. Sure, there are certain types of perfection, like a perfect circle… but that’s about it. Even then, when you start examining that perfect […]

Writing needs to be Fun

This is a companion post to Writing is a War of Attrition, but it’s also a cornerstone post for ALL fiction writers. Non-fiction writers, you guys are in a slightly different boat.  Writing needs to be fun.  Not should be fun or can be fun. Not writing is fun sometimes.  Writing needs to be fun.  […]

Originality vs Genre Expectations

Those of you in the writing and publishing community might have heard the phrase “Writing to Market.”  If you’re heard the phrase, you’re probably having one or two reactions:  Either you think it’s super smart or you think it’s selling out.  Most of the time, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of nuance to […]

My Favorite Metaphor for Writing

There are many analogies for writing. Construction is frequently used. Writing is akin to the walls and floors, structure and outline are akin to the foundation, figurative language akin to the furnishing. My favorite analogy for writing compares it to excavating a fossil, and is one that I read for the first time in Stephen […]