Originality vs Genre Expectations

Those of you in the writing and publishing community might have heard the phrase “Writing to Market.”  If you’re heard the phrase, you’re probably having one or two reactions:  Either you think it’s super smart or you think it’s selling out.  Most of the time, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of nuance to […]

My Favorite Metaphor for Writing

There are many analogies for writing. Construction is frequently used. Writing is akin to the walls and floors, structure and outline are akin to the foundation, figurative language akin to the furnishing. My favorite analogy for writing compares it to excavating a fossil, and is one that I read for the first time in Stephen […]

What makes a Writer? Part 1

Everyone writes, but not everyone calls themselves a writer.  We all wrote papers in high school and college.  We write Emails and text messages and social media posts.  Some of us even write for a living (copywriting, technical writing, social media).  They are certainly writers, aren’t they? Let’s narrow down the question:  What makes someone […]

What do I Have to Say?

It’s a simple enough question, really. It’s also the simple questions that philosophers like to muse about ’till the end of time. “What do I have to say?” I ask this question to the artists, the authors, the bloggers, the playwrights, poets, actors, musicians, and anyone else hoping to make a piece of art that […]