The Sword of the Gray Queen — New Series releases August 31st!

The title pretty much says it all.

Kevril Bersk—Monster hunter. Former knight of the Church… Left to follow a higher calling: To become the weapon of a goddess.

Tamren Jorbough—Partner, bard extraordinaire, womanizer…

Archimedes—Raven, psychopomp, secret weapon…

Tragedy has struck the village of Keld. A young boy taken in the dead of night.

The town is split, and they’ve got the wrong culprit. They’re afraid. Desperate.

To save the innocent, Bersk and his allies must brave the swamp, and find the horrid truth within—

There are two monsters: The demon and the one feeding it.

A series for those of you who liked the Witcher, but thought it could use a little more monsters and a little less politics.

The Eluthiya fantasy universe gets 1 series bigger this Fall! Hopefully you guys enjoy it, because I’ve got big plans for Kevril Bersk, for Battleaxe, and for the entire Eluthiya universe.

Read the first thrilling book in the Sword of the Gray Queen series, Hunter of the Brilgura, on August 31st!

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