Housekeeping & Upcoming Publications

I just realized that I haven’t posted on here in a month. *Cue some platitude/witticism about time getting away from us* I’m still here. Still writing. Still publishing stuff in the Eluthiya dark fantasy universe. Did I mention that? My dark fantasy universe consisting (at the moment) of A Battleaxe and a Metal Arm, Tales […]

Where Does this Blog go from here?

Change is the one constant thing in this world. No matter what trend pops up, or what publishing platforms come and go, what genre is popular, you can bet your ass that eventually it will change. There is an ebb and flow to all things in life, and I’m realizing there might be with this […]

Leaving Kindle Unlimited and Going Wide

Blog posts are like books.  The initial idea usually requires a great deal of effort to condense and refine down—in this case, a little under 1,000 words.  Initial Idea that spawned this post:  I am pulling my books out of Kindle Unlimited and publishing them “wide”.   Smidge of background for non-publishing savvy:  Amazon has a […]

Reviving the Blog

I’ve been writing as long as I can remember.  All throughout my school years I used to daydream during swim practice, write stories in my notebooks and in my TI-83 calculator.  In middle school I had 30,000 words of a superhero novel written on our family computer–at least until it crashed and I had to […]